Saturday, May 2, 2009

Yay for more weekend fun!

Well the weekend isn't even over yet, but yesterday was just so much fun! At school it was Spirit Week this week, you know when you see which grade has the most spirit. So to end that we had a Spirit Week Assembly where the teachers go head to head against all the other grades, as well as having the grades compete against each other in silly little activites. Of course the Seniors dominated so we were all pretty pumped because of that. So after the assembly Jaci, Savannah, Kyle, Paul, and myself went to Savannah's house where we hung out and did silly little random activities(i.e. jumping on the trampoline, pogo sticking, etc.) Then we decided to go across to the park and play a little. We found a golf ball and played a little catch then we just sat on the bleachers and talked. Afterwards we just chilled and watched some tv and ate some popcorn. Then we went and picked Katie up and headed over to I-Day (just an institute activity). We ate some delicious Cafe Rio and then watched as Savannah and Nick did a blow-up obsticle course. Me and Jaci had to leave early to go to Alta High School's ballroom performance. It was amazing! My best friend from 3rd grade Breanne and her bro. Chase is on the team so I just had to go see Breanne's last performance. So amazing! A great activity for just $5! After that was finished and I talked to Breanne a little bit, me and Jaci met up with Savannah, Paul, Katie, and Kyle and decided to go to Paul's house. At Paul's we sat and talked then watched like...15 minutes of Music And Lyrics, then we all headed home. I love the days where you do such simple activities but always have the best of times!! The only down-side to it all was that I got sun burnt. Yes I got sun burnt, while it was cloudy and rainy..I'm not really sure how. But it's just my nose and cheekbones, with a little bit on my arms, weird I know!

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