Friday, June 5, 2009

Playing Catch Up!

Let's see...well Senior Dinner Dance was a blast! Even though I was sick, and I ended up getting more sick. It was held at Thanksgiving Point in the barn, it was very nicely decorated, only a bit dark. I started out sitting with Kyle, Paul, Savannah, Jaci, and Kaytlin. But after a little bit I decided I really would rather sit with Whitney, Becky, and Cuyler. So I moved. We went to get our food and when we came back some lovely people had taken the table that I first started out at so Kyle, Paul, Savannah, Jaci, and Kayltin were out of a table. Then I looked at the table I was currently sitting at and it was full because some other people joined us so I had given up my seat thinking I would just sit at the other problem. Solution, steal a chair, napkin, glasses, and silverware from another table and have everyone squish together! After dinner the dancing started and didn't end until 11. PHEW then we came home and I crashed on my bed! That was Saturday; Sunday I was supposed to attend a farewell but I woke up late, and didn't want to rush everywhere and be late so I just went to church. Then that night I had Seminary Graduation. That was fun, but very hard. I think my fever broke out half way through and then when I went to get my certificate from my bishop I almost tripped over my skirt.. wow. Lets see...I continued to get sick.. then Wednesday was the last day of school, graduation practice, seminary closing social, and the yearbook stomp. It was a fun day, still sick but I made the best of everything. THRUSDAY! I was feeling good, I was't nervous scared anything! It didn't really even hit me until I was 5 feet from my diploma that I was graduating. But I DID IT! It was a lot of fun. Vernetta and Susannah (two ladies in my ward) came to the graduation and brought flower and chocolate lei's for the graduates from our ward. They were so nice to do that! After graduation I came home changed, then I went to Savannah's house where we just sat and talked, and I was home by 12:30.. phew, what a day!

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