Sunday, June 28, 2009

What fun!

This weekend was an absolute blast!!! I took Friday off work and prepared for Charlee to come and spend the weekend. I headed down to Provo around 11:30ish and went to my favorite cousin's house (Cassilynn) to play with her and the kiddos. We sat and talked, then the kids ate lunch and then we played Disney DVD Pictionary! While the kids were napping me and Cassi talked about T.V. shows, namely the ones on the Disney Channel. We talked about our love of Hannah Montana, and our dis-like of The Suite Life On Deck. Then we talked about shows on TLC and we discovered that Cake Boss is our new favorite cake show. So we watched a bit of an episode of that. Then we found out where Charlee lived and I left to go to her dorm. When I got to her dorm it was like I was meeting up with a friend that I saw daily, not one that I hadn't seen since 7th grade. Then we drove back up to Sandy and waited for Jaci and Savannah to come get us for the Eclipse concert. We arrived at the Sandy Ampitheater at 6:00 (2 hours before the actual concert) Since we were going to be sitting on the grass we wanted to get good seats, and normally there is a big line. BAH no one came the entire hour before the gates opened, and we were the first ones into the theater. So we set up our blankets and sat and talked. We watched as the storm clouds blew in and hoped that it was just miss us. Then a guy came out and said that they had been watching the doplar radar and that there was an intense but brief storm headed right for us and it would be wise to take shelter in our cars, and that the concert would start when it cleared. We didn't want to lose our seats, but we didn't want to die. We went for the safe route and booked it for the car. As we were headed up there we were hit with wind, not fun! We made it into the car right before the storm hit and we sat there and watched as the rain fell and and the lightning struck. Finally it let up and we could go in, but before we did we had to look at the beautiful rainbow, it was AMAZING! The concert was a hit, and we did the meet and greet afterwards again! More autographs for me :) Saturday we (Jaci, Charlee, and I) went to IHOP for breakfast then proceded to show Charlee all the things that have changed. Afterwards we went to Savannah's house where Sav, Jaci, Paul, and Sav's brother's had a water fight while me and Charlee watched. Then we went to David Street park for our Stake Softball Tournament, that was fun and a great way to catch some rays :) After that was finished we drove back to Provo and got some ice cream, then we said our goodbyes to Charlee. We headed back up to Sandy where we met Kaytlin and her family at Mulligans for some golf. Part way through our game Kyle showed up to "play" golf with us. It was so much fun!! I can't begin to describe how happy I am to have my best friend back! It really didn't seem like we had been seperated since 7th grade, things just fell into place and we had the best time!!!!

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