Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm back!!

What a week. It has definitely been a LONG one. Lets start at the beginning, shall we. So Monday the 13th; I worked. haha. Then I packed, and packed, and packed some more. Tuesday the 14th; I woke up and faced the world with a big bright smile. :) I walked to the church to start my lovely trip to camp. What a ride, its like 3 hours to the stake property, 1 of which is on a completely dirt road. It was very bumpy and dusty. I was able to listen to Twilight on the way up and part of Scout Camp (I was in the front, so listen was all I could do :]) Then we got to camp and set up our tents and all that fun stuff. We just sat around for most of the first day, but at night we walked through the wooshes (woods/bushes) to do singing in the trees. You take your flashlights and one at a time each ward turns their lights on and sing a song, then when their song is finished they turn off their lights, and so on. It is a very awesome experience, and I love how strong you can feel the spirit. Then we went back to camp and went to bed. Well everyone else went to bed, I however stayed up practically the whole night. I don't do well with the whole sleeping on the ground thing. Plus it was FREEZING cold, so I was shivering and shaking the whole night. I basically made myself very very sick, so I vowed that I wouldn't suffer through that for one more night. Wednesday the 15th; everyone had to be at the stake meeting place at 6 am so we could do our sunrise hike to testimony hill. So we got up and got ready. Then we hiked/walked to testimony hill and had a fabulous devotional about how there is no place like home. It was very nice and seeing the rise above the mountains and trees was beautiful. When we got back we just sat around the fire and waited for breakfast. We had a lovely breakfast cooked by the stake then the girls had to get ready to go on their hikes, me on the other hand went and packed to go home later that evening. After I finished packing I sat in my camp chair and talked to my leader Trish, read a little, and finally fell asleep in the sun :) Then the girls came back and we had lunch, and just sat around camp. At 5 I went home with my friends Aunt and Uncle. They were so nice to bring me home. I enjoyed a long nights sleep and shopping the next morning :) I was really bummed that I left before the testimony meeting so I rode back up to camp Thursday evening with the Davis. We got there in time to have dinner and then Kelci gave a small devotional and then had me bear my testimony. Man was that hard! I completely lost it, I just cried and cried. I hated saying it because it was my last testimony meeting at girls camp, and I'm going to miss the girls so much! After that I went to see my friends little sister before I left for good. So I got home at about 12 or so and went to bed in order to wake up at 5:45 the next morning... Friday the 17th; I woke up super early and got ready to go to St. George!! I was out the door by 6:25 and at Sav's close to 6:30. Then we left! YAY!!! We made it to Cedar City at like...10:00 maybe. We went to Kaytlin's apartment and saw it, then we were on our way to St. George. We got to St. George at like...11:30ish. We went to In-N-Out for some lunch then we decided we would go check into our hotel room. So we drive to the Hampton and we get our stuff and head inside. Then disaster struck! In St. George I guess it's a hotel rule, or maybe a law that you have to be 21 to check into a room- you can reserve a room if you're 18, but to check in you must be 21. Clearly none of us are 21 so we said okay, just cancel our reservation. So we walked outside and of course I call my mom about in tears telling her the story and asking her to call my cousins that live down there to see if they could help me. In the mean time we needed to find something to do. So we went to Target and the Zion's Outlet Malls to try and keep us busy. My mom got a hold of my cousin Brad and he said he would figure something out for us once he got back from work. So we had to kill tiem until 5ish. After we'd seen all the stores at the outlet mall we headed to Red Cliff's Mall and walked around, and sat on every bench in the mall (it's really small!) 5 o'clock came and went, we still didn't have a hotel room, and I still hadn't heard from Brad. So we decide just to drive around, a few seconds later Brad calls and says he'll meet us at the Best Western Abbey Inn and he would get us in. So we met him there and I went inside with him. I almost lost it, really I was SO greatful that he took his time to come help me. He put the room under his name and got us checked in. We finally had a hotel room!!! I was SO relieved at that point; but at the same time I was nervous because what happened if we got caught..cuz we were basically like sneaking in. Anyways, after we got all of our stuff up to the room we went to Wendy's for dinner then to Neilson's Frozen Custard for dessert. After we got back to the hotel we went to the swimming pool. We spent awhile there then went back to the room got ready for bed, and died :) Saturday morning we woke up at 7:45 or so, got ready and went down to eat breakfast. Well their continental breakfast is pretty high class, you have to give them your room number in order to eat it without paying. So we gave them our room number (307) then the lady asked Kaytlin if the name was "Christensen" and Kaytlin said yes, then the lady said "How about Brad Miller?" Well clearly Kaytlin was confused because she had forgotten my cousins I was all "yeah that's right!" the lady just kind of looked at us like what's going on.. After a long breakfast (it seemed long at least) we headed out to Zion's. We got up there and jumped on the shuttle to take the bus tour of Zion's. It was beautiful, and hot :) On our way back down we stopped and took a little hike up to Weeping Rock, beautiful, I was in pain because of a blister I had on my foot it was HUGE! But still the rock was beautiful. Then we rode back down, got in the car and headed towards Tuacahn to pick up our tickets for FOOTLOOSE!!! After we walked around Tuacahn and looked at their gift shop we headed back to the hotel. We wanted Pizza Factory for dinner, but weren't sure if we wanted to sit through the crowds, so we did the smart thing. We ordered the pizza and Jaci and Sav picked it up. While they were gone me and Kayt watched Storm Chasers (haha we were supposed to be getting ready for the play.) They got back and we ate, then everyone scurried to get ready to leave. We left a little earlier then planned and drove past the houses that were damaged in the flood a few years back, and of course we stopped at the baseball park where HSM 2 was filmed, and caught a glimpse of the club house where it was filmed as well. Then we got to Tuacahn, and boy did it look like rain. I was so sad, because if it rained hard we would get rained out and we couldn't see the play. We watched the Pre show, and got sprinkled on a bit. Which was nice for the 113 degree temperature!!!!!!!!! Then we went and sat for the play. And oh my goodness!!!! It was AMAZING! One of the best plays I have seen at Tuacahn. If any of you watched So You Think You Can Dance last season, the guy that played Ren (the main character) was Thane from last season. SO GOOD. After the play and fireworks we went back to the hotel and played with our glow sticks. At 1 I fell asleep, i think everyone else was still awake though. Sunday morning we woke up late, grabbed a quick bite of breakfast then headed for home. I was so tired after traveling ALL week (from the top of the state to the bottom of the state). So I was happy to be home, but so grateful for the chance to go down to St. George for a vacation.

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