Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miserable feeling

So this weekend was going to be one of the best weekends of the summer. I have been looking forward to this weekend since April. Now I wish it would just fly on past. You see I was supposed to be going to Youth Conference at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Unfortunately I'm still not feeling 100% better from my weird illness on Monday. I didn't want to push myself and end up with a major problem. So I made the decision to not go to Youth Conference. It was very difficult for me and I have shed many a tears over the fact that this was basically the last activity for me and I won't be there. On top of that I started to feel even more sick this afternoon. I don't know what is wrong with my body but I just wish that I would get better and fast! I only have 15 days until I move, and I'm not sure what to do... I have so much to do before I move; so many people to spend time with; and I just don't have the time. I still don't have a job down in Ephraim so I need to somehow get that figured out. Get all the last minute details for moving sorted out. And figure out tution payments and all that fun stuff!! I'm at a complete loss as to what I need to do to complete everything, I wish I had more time in a day- but I know that's impossible so I'm trying to make do with what I have. But somewhere in between I wish there was a day where I could just sit and cry...ha like thats ever going to happen....

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