Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cut up, bruised, bloody, and swollen

You would think I was going to write about moving...right? sorry but not right now. I'm in too much pain to bother with that. Now you're wondering why I'm in I'm not homesick (too much), no my roommates aren't mean. I'm just a clutz. I was walking home from church, and you know how somtimes the sidewalk is uneven. Well in front of my apartment stairs there is a little piece of sidewalk like that. I didn't realize it and apparently I didn't pick my foot up enough when I walked, cuz I totally fell. Now my knee is cut up, bruised, bloody, and swollen. It hurts so bad and I kinda wish I was at home. lol Hopefully the pain will go away today so that I can walk campus tomorrow, you can only hope right :)

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