Thursday, August 20, 2009

I guess it's about time.

So I've been here in Ephraim for 6 days and I am absolutely LOVING it! I don't know what I was so scared about, it isn't scary at all... I really am having the time of my life! I got down here on Saturday about 11 o'clock or so and got all of my stuff moved in and started to get all settled. My roommates came throughout the day and got their stuff all ready. After sitting around not doing much we decided to go meet our neighbors. So Myrinda grabbed her Sour Patch Kids and we went and met them. *For future references; their names are Kevin, Joe, Wally, Kyler, Parker, and Skyler.* So we met them, then went back to our apartment and made dinner, undercooked rice and over spiced chicken!! Then Wally came over randomly and hung out..then we all headed to the stomp in the middle of the street. When we got back to the apartment that night we just sorta chilled. Sunday was church; and then the "incident". Whitney got moved in that night so I had my roomie :) Kevin and Joe invited us to their apartment that night to watch The Office with them so we went over for awhile. Monday brought the start of Start Smart...from 10:30 to 5:30 for me. UGH, it was fun but long.. I met a lot of new people, some I still remember others who I have no clue who they are :) Kim was moved in by the time I got home! That night we went to the Summer Wards Closing Social for free food, then we went home and me, court, and whitney decided we wanted to make cookies...haha what a joke! They didn't turn out very well.. Then Wally came over and had a Ninja fight with Myrinda, then Kyler came and had a Ninja fight with Myrinda as well. Then he decided to sit on all of our boxes that we still had sitting out. Tuesday brought Start Smart again...8:30-5:30. We had to cook our own dinner that night...baked potatoes. Later we went to a Stomp at the Bell Tower, it wasn't our cup of tea so we decided to go get a movie from RedBox at Wal-mart. So we rented Madagascar 2 then we realized we didn't really have a place to watch it... so we waited until the guys got home from the stomp and basically invited ourselves over to watch the movie. Wednesday brought classes into the mix of things. I definitely wasn't read to go back to school, but classes are okay. :) I had English and Math, I went to the wrong class for English so it kinda scared me. That night we went to a BBQ put on by the school for dinner and hung out there for a while. Then we went to our apartment complex for the ice cream social. After we ate the ice cream we went and sat at our apartment for awhile and then we decided to go to this cafe place for an italian soda. SO GOOD! :) We took our movie back to redbox and then remembered that there was a hyptonist show at the AC (Activity Center) on campus so we went to that. HILARIOUS!! I was skeptical at first but it was so funny. Then we went back to our apartment and Joe and Parker came over for a bit. Thursday brought more classes...Human Dev. Communications, Math, and Institute. They were pretty fun. That night we hugn out with our friends that we went to High School with (Grant, Adam, Bryan, and Tyler) for a little bit then we (me, court, and whit) went back to our apartment and decided to make bernana bread. When we finished making it Wally and Kyler came over and hung out, then we decided to be nice and since Kyler and Wally had some of our bread we took the rest of their apartment some, but Parker ate the whole chunk we took them. We ended up hanging out at their apartment for just a little bit then going to bed. Friday brought classes again, and then I came home :) Yay for fun times!!!!!

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