Monday, October 26, 2009


So today Courtney and I realized that we really needed some groceries, but we had a problem. Whitney was gone and so was Kim, so we had no car. Now we could've asked our neighbors, I'm sure one of them could've taken us to Wal-Mart, but that wouldn't have been nearly as fun. We decided that we would walk to Kent's Market, buy groceries and then walk back. Good plan, huh! Well it was a good plan until we left the store and realized that all of our bags together came to a total of 9 bags. Oh well we were going to be troopers. We almost made it all the way home, but about 4-blocks out tragedy struck. One of my bags ripped and I lost some yogurt :( Well...some nice guy saw that happen and offered to take us home because he didn't think our bags would make it. So we took the ride, bad I know, but we needed to get our groceries home :) Well that is my adventure for the day, never again will I do that, unless I buy less groceries.
~Nicki I hope you enjoy this post since you know exactly how far away the store is from the apartments! :)~

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  1. That's pretty funny. I can just see you hauling 9 bags of food back. Your mom was telling us about your ride. At least he wasn't a creep!