Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pillowcases...pillowcases...I just love them pillowcases!

Today marks the 6 month anniversary since my family lost our sweet angel Kristen. The day was not spent in sadness, that is for sure. In fact, it was quite the opposite, it was one big party. My grandma and myself went to my Aunt Polly's house today and sewed our little hearts out, making pillowcases, in honor of Kristen, to help with the One Million Pillowcase Challenge. But you can bet we weren't the only people who were sewing pillowcases in honor of Kristen. Sarah and her mom Joyce were holding a pillowcase kick off in their super cute Quilt store out in Ohio. We may have been several miles away, but our hearts and thoughts were in the same place. Not only did Sarah and Joyce just host the pillowcase kick off, but they did something else. Something that is very heart-warming, and truly truly appreciative to our family. In their store (which used to be a home) they have a space for their notions where the kitchen once was, well in reality it is still just don't cook in it. Sarah and Joyce decided, since Kristen loved to bake in the kitchen, they would name the kitchen "Kristen's Kitchen", and dedicate it to her. (Read a better explanation here. )We were able to be on the phone with Joyce as the sister missionaries in the area said a beautiful prayer, and as Joyce read the paper that will be displayed in the kitchen.

I still cannot believe the generosity of Sarah and Joyce, not only now, but for several several months. As they were there watching as Kristen strongly fought her battle with leukemia. It is times like these, and with people like them where I am able to feel that there is still some hope remaining in the human existence. People are still doing what they can to help each other, whether they know each other or not. My heart has been filled with gratitude these last few months as I have viewed and read all that they are doing to help preserve Kristen's memory and helping to let her light continue shining brightly.

So today, today was a good day. We laughed so hard I'm sure we could've started crying, we talked about things that probably should not be talked about, ever, and were able to just enjoy each others company all while doing some simple service that will help bring a smile to whoever receives a pillowcase, because I'll be honest when I say they are DANG CUTE!!!

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