Monday, February 7, 2011

One of those days...

and by that I mean one of these days.

Like today. You wake up, extremely early, but who cares, right! You're up so early you realize you can catch an episode of your favorite t.v. show. Yes, 5:30 am on a Monday morning is early, super early, but let's face it, when you can watch an episode of Boy Meets World, you know it will be a great day! After laughing your guts out for a half hour, even when the episode isn't meant to be entirely funny, you get ready for school, and realize "by golly, I'm going to be on time today!" The day is looking pretty epic.

Fast forward a little bit... you walk out the door at 7:15, yes! You may possibly get a good parking spot on campus! Get in car, drive, drive, drive. No traffic, all green lights. So far, so good. You get to campus at 7:45, there are available parking spots near the building your class is held in, excellent! 15 minutes until class starts, even more excellent, time to do so reading from the textbook (that you should've done over the weekend, but "didn't get around to it"). Your "spot" in class is still open, you sit in the most "comfortable" chair and begin reading, it's a good chapter, yes!

Teacher walks in "Good Morning!" Class begins, time to finish up discussing the horrible book we just finished (finally.) Split into groups of two, summarize a part of the chapter from the text. (crap...I didn't make it that far in my reading, no worries, speed read!) Have a good discussion with the other person in your group, separate sections to tell the class. Teacher calls on you, you actually speak! For the first time all semester you give your opinion, given it was an assignment, but big accomplishment there. You listen to other's discuss their sections, you consider sharing a few words, even get as far as raising your hand, the teacher just doesn't notice. (that's okay, that might be too big of a leap..)

Class ends, you go home. Again, no traffic, and this time no lights, the freeway is my friend sometime. Get home to charge your dead phone for a few minutes before you rush off to work. Get to work, early in fact. Ring the bell, door opens, you see the smile of the cute little boy you babysit peeking around the corner, it's going to be an enjoyable 4 hours. Watch movies, do homework, 3 puzzles, one paper airplane, a delicious lunch. (what better job could you want!) After work, you go home.

You relax and realize you're really just want to do something! sew a few pillowcases, even have a pillowcase sewing race with your mom, which you won. Seems like the day is going pretty well, right! Then...then it snows. You have to stop sewing and put everything away so you can eat dinner, really who needs dinner... You have a glimmer of hope left in your night, to make it the best Monday ever! FHE, at the singles ward, playing Wii with people you don't really know. Normally you wouldn't do this, because, although you love the singles ward, you hate going by yourself. But you decided you need to change, you need to "grow up" and go on your own. You look out the window and see it's snowing harder, nothing is sticking to the ground, you can still go. Parents ask what your plans are for the evening, you tell them, they inform you that "you shouldn't go." No reasoning, most likely just weather.

So you give in. You drop your new found, "adventurous side" and stay home. Then you turn on iTunes and songs like this come on. (don't judge) and your mood plummets. Because you realize, you have been feeling like this for quite some time now. You switch the song, hoping for something better, you hear this song and are reminded of the time you spent sitting in your apartment with your roommate/best friend listening to it over and over again. You realize it's been too long since you've talked to her, therefore you realize how much you miss her. Change the song. Nothing good, nothing good, nothing good, then...nothing. You realize you're tired of your music, how you wish you could just switch it all! After sitting..and feeling bad for yourself, you decide to clean. Your option of activity whenever you feel like this. pick up your things from the living room, take them to your room. Think of cleaning your room, decide you like the organized mess. Put the dishes away, get told, don't do that...i'll do them. Continue doing dishes. Finally you decide, since the rest of the family is either -A. being hermits, or B- reading, or C- watching TV, you need something to do. So you grab two seasons of Gilmore Girls. You grab your laptop. Go to you bedroom. Lay on your bed and spend time trying to decide which season you will watch 6 or 7. All at the same time, feeling like crying, for no apparent reason..well maybe there is a reason. (this whole paragraph could be the reason..) You can't decide, because you end up thinking that you'll probably cry during the show..which is silly. You know them backwards and forwards, no reason to cry. It's not a sad show.

Then you end up writing on your blog. So the whole world can know that you're day was pretty epic at 5:30 am...but at 7:00 pm it's not looking so epic. So that is the kind of day it has been. When you decide, that you're going to start the "change" that you've told yourself needed to happen for a long time. But in an instant you resort back to what you know best...

post script...if you managed to read through this whole post, you're pretty amazing. I wouldn't have read it all. It's really kinda complainy.... also, since it's been one of those days, i'm skipping day four on my photo challenge, since it is a picture of your night...don't see anything great to take a picture of.. just imagine it in your mind :)

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