Sunday, May 29, 2011

What a day.

Today I went from having a fabulous day
to crying my eyes out.
You see, for the past month my knee has been locking up,
and kinda sorta popping out (or so I thought it was popping out).
After visiting an orthopedic doctor and having an MRI
I was told that nothing was wrong and
physical therapy was prescribed.
I said I would just work my knee on my own,
because I'll be honest, my family doesn't have the extra money
lying around for PT.
Today, I was at my grandma's house.
My knee hadn't been hurting, and it hadn't done anything weird
for a week.
I guess I moved my knee wrong,
and I heard *pop*
and then I couldn't move.
I tried, and I tried.
But it wasn't happening.
I sat there, rubbing it, hoping something would help.
I was finally able to stand, but that was all I could do.
In my mind I said many silent prayers,
and kept having the thought to ask for a blessing.
I asked several people to say a prayer for me,
and eventually just asked my dad for a blessing.
After the blessing I let go,
I bawled.
I was in pain, and I just wanted to move.
By some miracle, I was able to hop down my grandma's stairs
and out to her truck and off to the ER I went.
After having the doctor look at it,
and having x-ray's just to make me feel better,
it was concluded that there is nothing wrong,
just a weak knee.
Physical Therapy was basically demanded
and out the door they sent me,
I still couldn't move my leg.
I bawled some more, and said more silent prayers.
I got home, and as I stood at the bottom of the two flights of stairs
I have to go up to get to my room,
I turned to my mom and said,
"I just want a miracle to happen, I need one. I won't make it up these stairs."
I decided the only way I was going to make it up
was to crawl/hop up.
I kneeled on my left knee (the bad one) and then hopped up with my right foot.
Well, the kneeling on my bad knee did the trick.
I heard a lovely little *pop* again,
and I could walk.
It was indeed a miracle.
A small one, but a miracle.

*Thanks to "Life As We Know It" I had this song...
stuck in my head the whole time I was at the hospital. But just the chorus that says..
"Everything will be alright now, alright now." Great song to have stuck in your head, huh!

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear your knee is still acting up. I'll be keeping you in my prayers for sure. Get better cousin =)