Saturday, July 16, 2011


As human beings, we can only take so much before we reach a breaking point.  I was at the point of reaching my breaking point several times last week.  In fact, I think I hit my breaking point, but after a lovely conversation with Courtney Jones, I was feeling better.  But not completely.  I needed a literal break.  Time where I could clear my head, forget about everything and just enjoy life.  So I did just that, I took a break.  To Palisade State Park just outside of Manti, Utah.  I went with Jaci and Savannah. We took off at 7:30ish in the a.m.  We stopped in at the Ephraim Walmart to buy a few things for us to eat (i.e. lunchables, muffins, CARS pretzels, fruit snacks).  We got to Palisade, paid our dues, and decided we wanted to try out geo-caching.  So we spent the day walking around the gorgeous lake, looking for the caches.  But most importantly I got my break from life.  Twas swell indeed.

Trying to figure out how to use the GPS

I could live here...

love the glittery paddle boats

We found the first geo-cache!


Capri Sun!

Lunchables... takes me back to my childhood

The water's a bit high...don't ya think

Looking for the last geo-cache. *We never found it..*

We stopped at a gift shop in Manti, Savannah found herself a veil.

A trip to Sanpete County is not complete without a stop at The Malt Shop

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