Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am learning,
learning the above statement.
There was a time,
back when I was younger,
when I didn't care what my hair looked like,
then I grew up and it always had to be straight,
or well taken care of.
I have now grown up some more,
and I have once again,
given up caring.
It is too much work to take care of my hair,
when sleeping an extra half hour makes my day much better than nice hair.
I am fairly certain I have worn my hair
straight, 3 times this semester.
The rest of the days,
it is either
a) scrunched
b) straight but in a side braid
c) scrunched and in a side braid
I will shamefully admit that the reason why I love scrunching
my hair goes further than it only takes 5 minutes to do.
I can sleep on it, and wake up and just go.
So, there have been times when that is what I do.
Wake up, roll out of bed, get dressed, grab my backpack, and go.
No brushing, no fluffing, just go.
Oh, what a change I have made...

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