Monday, October 24, 2011

Mood meter

It is true. I found a way that will let you know what kind of mood I am in, only after a ride in the car though.


If the bass is maxed out at 9 and the volume up relatively loud, that clearly states that my mood is not so great. It could definitely use a boost...normally if this is the case there is one song that will be playing...that song being 2012 (it ain't the end of the world). Strange yes, but it works..after a few times through I should be good. Quite possibly i will be made better after a few rounds of this song and a few tears. It is weird, but it works.

On the other hand if my mood is good then generally, I will leave the bass at zero and the volume will be at a normal level. There is no specific song that will be playing. In fact sometimes it is still 2012 but I do not end up crying. Just car dancing and singing at the top of my lungs.

Yes I did only realize this tonight and I find it really strange. But whatever works I guess...

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