Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Significant Other

on Monday night I was asked this question... "So, how is it now that your significant other has a permanent significant other?"  Translation: "How is it having your best friend be married?"
In the words of Whitney Fehr (my "significant other", best friend) "This is weird..)
yes, that is right.  Whitney and Nick are now married, and have been for almost a week.  I have just been too lazy to post anything about it.  Maybe because it is weird...or because i hasn't hit me entirely that she is married.

Friday morning started off early, but not as early as it could have. (For me at least.)  The wedding was at 9:00 a.m. at the Salt Lake Temple, I was in charge of getting Whitney's siblings and one of their friends, myself, Whit's wedding ring, and bouquet to the temple before they walked out the doors after the sealing was done.  Well, we made it, with plenty of time.  We would've had ample time, except it took me FOREVER to find parking.   I was glad when Alisha Larson got there, because it was a bit weird to be the only friend, amongst all that family.  We sat and did some people watching, took pictures, all that fun stuff.  

I left the temple and ran home to get my sister then ran out to do some errands, needing to be back to the stake center by 1:00 for the luncheon.  I thought I would succeed... well I was about 10 minutes late.  Which is okay, because they were still setting up!  Alisha and I were banished from sitting with other people so we sat at a table by ourselves and laughed about the people we saw at the temple.

After the luncheon I ran home to finish up the slideshow of pictures they wanted to have playing at their reception.  I was supposed to be back at the stake center so we could take some for pictures by 5.  The DVD finished burning at 4:55.  (I was crunched for time all day...) I got to the stake center, and we took pictures at like...5:45.  I had to go to Mandy's reception at 6, and make it back in time for Whitney and Nick's to start at 6:30.  You better believe I made it to both, and I was on time.  The reception was good, I was put in charge of making sure the slideshow was played every 20 minutes.  Well...the DVD didn't burn properly so that was kind of a disaster.  I wanted to cry so bad!  I ended up going between talking with Colby and Alicia, to talking with Jenny and Camille, and starting and stopping the DVD.  That whole night  is a complete blur, but I do remember it was fun.

So is a bit weird that my best friend is married now.  We say things won't be different, that it'll be the same.  But you know that isn't the truth.  It is different now.  No matter how hard we try to keep it the same, it is different.  But that is okay, I am super happy for them!! I mean, look how happy they are!

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