Wednesday, February 1, 2012

lesson learned

i woke up late today. quite late. 5 minutes before i should have been leaving my house to catch the bus late. i considered just not going to class, but opted to make the better choice and go to school.  i grabbed whatever clothes i could find, brushed my teeth, grabbed the clementines my lovely mother put out for me, and ran out the door. (no, i did not brush my hair. have i brushed it since? no.) ultimately i had two choices, i could speed to get to the bus, or i could follow the speed limit and i would either make it to the stop, or i would have to drive to the park and ride and catch the bus there. i chose to follow the speed limit, good thing too because there was a copper hiding behind a corner where i am known to speed.  surprisingly i made it to the bus stop (trax) with seconds to spare. i warmed up my hands and then i saw the bus pull up the hill, and jumped out of the car. i was walking through the parking lot, hurrying so i wouldn't miss the bus when i looked up. so glad i looked up.  the sunrise this morning was incredible. breathtaking really.  it was the kind of sunrise that penetrates the soul. i had a little debate with myself, "jana, take a picture. you NEED a picture of this."  "you don't have time to take a picture, it's just a sunrise" "grab your phone, snap a picture, easy." "but the bus is right there, right there!" "better yet, pull your ipad out and snap a picture."  so what did i do? when the bus was right there at the stop, and i was not...

yup, i put my backpack down, unzipped it, grabbed my ipad, opened instagram, and snapped a picture. then i leisurely walked to the bus, and got on, plus i got my favorite seat on the bus :)

so, what kind of lesson did i learn today? 
it was a pretty simple lesson. but one that has been on my mind since 7:30 this morning. one that made me say "okay Heavenly Father, i get it. i really do."  life has been stressful, between school, and friends, i have been ready to pull my hair out. i've been going, going, going, going. this sunrise taught me that i need to slow down, and enjoy the simple things in life. it taught me that there is a new abundance of hope every morning, when you get out of bed and choose the right path.  life may not be perfect, but that's okay, it wouldn't be fun if it was perfect.  

i would have missed the sunrise this morning if i had woken up on time. i would have missed learning this lesson. i could have been really upset that i overslept. i could have been very negative and ornery and believe me, i wanted to be. but i chose to be positive. and i chose to take the time, to enjoy the little things in life. ya go, enjoy the simple things!

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  1. You made me go into panic mode when you started unzipping your backpack. I didn't want you to miss the bus. However, sunrises are worth it, I feel like. (: