Monday, March 5, 2012

Fabio, Fabio, where fore art thou Fabio?

Well, here I am, once again bringing you stories of the institute.  I spent 2 hours at the institute building on Friday with a friend, just people watching, and having a good ol' time.  It has been awhile since I've shared any institute stories, but there have been some good ones.

First, a few weeks ago, there was a small group of us gathered around a table and we looked up and saw a guy dressed in the most awesome of outfits.  Striped slacks, plaid shirt, a coat with tails (and when I say tails, I mean LONG tails! think concert pianist here..) suspenders, a bow tie, shiny shoes, I think a hat...maybe. Awesome outfit right!  We all wanted to give him a little bit of advice, like first, maybe you shouldn't wear coat tails to school, but whatev's!

There are the lovely singing people.  We have opera girl, we have yelling boy, and there are just those who will randomly start singing if there is music being played.

That brings us to the piano players.  Oh the piano players.. I love piano music.  Seriously it is the best, I could listen to piano music for hours without end. But there comes a point, when enough is enough.  On Friday a kind sir played Kumbaya 20 times (or more) in a row.  I felt like I needed to dig a fire pit in front of me and roast some marshmallows.  I turned to my friend and asked him what he'd give me if I went up and unplugged the piano (it was an electrical piano).  I could've gotten some money out of it, but I was too chicken.  Next time, I will unplug the piano.

There was a girl who had these gallon size bags of food with her.  I am not completely sure what was in them.  My friend guessed mushrooms and pepperoni, which made us in turn want to go make a pizza.  I think the "pepperoni" was actually dried apricots.  Not sure what the "mushrooms" were.

Friday was the last day of Service Week at the institute.  They were tying quilts.  I enjoyed tying quilts at one point in my life.  I'm sure I still would, but not with strangers.  That is a bit much..  We (my friend and I) got a good laugh out of the quilt tying because there was maybe only 3 girls tying quilts and the rest were guys.  I know stereotyping is not good, but it was just funny to see all of these college age guys sitting down quilting and talking (don't tell me this image didn't make you smile a bit..)

And last but not least, Fabio.  The main "attraction" from Friday.  Fabio happens to be the same guy who wore the coat and tails awhile ago.  Let me explain.  I was sitting there trying to studying biology and my friend slaps the arm of the chair I was sitting in and said "oh my heck, Jana, guys should NOT wear low cut shirts!"  I look up and there is this guy, wearing a button up shirt, but he did not button it up all the way so, as my friend kindly put it, "His chest hair was hangin' all out."  I agreed completely, an undershirt would have been really helpful in his situation.  That is how the nickname Fabio came to be.

I know I sound like horribly judgmental person right now.  I'm not that bad of a person.   I sometimes just wonder what goes through people's minds as they walk out of their houses in the mornings.  Or where the find the gusto to just sing loudly (for all to hear) in such a public place.  Please, if I ever leave my house and am looking especially weird, confront me about it.  Or if I start to sing and I am in public, smack me. Or start to sing with me, two is better than one! :)

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