Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Ramblings

Fall asleep to the sound of rain?
Sure, why not!
Yay for spring rain showers!

I just want to say, blogger is great.
But what is better than blogger and blogging?
Writing posts and just saving them as drafts.

I remember once, reading on my friend Bethany's blog
about how she would save many posts as drafts
and eventually post them.
At first I was confused by what she meant (I was kinda new to the whole blogging scene)
But now.
Now I get it.
Except most of my drafts will never been seen by anyone but me.
They have become like a safe place for me
to write things down that I don't want people to see,
because let's be honest,
journal's aren't always that safe..

So today...
Today I am grateful for:
The sound of rain
and the ability to write and save my thoughts as drafts.

The end, and good night.

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