Friday, July 13, 2012

You've got..

a minute-to-win-it
My dear friend Savannah celebrated her 21st birthday last week,
one of the last one's to become legal.
We couldn't let this occasion pass us by without a party. 
But, since we're not the wild partying type of people, we chose to find some other way to be "wild"
Minute-to-win-it Games it was.
Hours on Pinterest,
looking at other's parties,
putting blueprints on a DVD,
shopping for almost ALL of the supplies 2 hours before the party (exhausting)
Pulling out all the stops for treats, 
fresh movie theater popcorn, shaved ice (with ice cream), chips and salsa, water bottles, and of course birthday cake.  Mostly I was excited about the shaved ice!
It was super fun,
definitely something I would do again.
The Birthday Girl


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