Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An emotional breakdown

an emotional breakdown
in an empty closet
in an empty room.
in an empty house.
i miss my bed.
i miss my confidence in school.
i miss my surety in my major.
i miss my best friend.
i miss getting snail mail.
or emails.
i miss the way things were
and am having a hard time dealing with how things are
there is so much homework already
but my books are locked in a hotel room and cannot be accessed at the moment
walking on campus is killing my knee
i have to find time to fit in physical therapy
i spend more hours in Orem than I do in sandy
why didn't I work harder to figure out a way to live down there.

and you wonder why I am having a breakdown on the floor of my closer...

1 comment:

  1. This makes me sad. But guess what? I had one of those last night. I need some help SERIOUSLY. I think all this is completely normal. But I also wish I could just figure it all out and not have to feel so lost all of the time. I'm sorry darlin!