Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hikes. Hikers? Hiking?!

The other day I was texting a girl in my ward, Melissa, and we were discussing our hilariousness and wonderful sense of humors, when she asked, out of the blue, if I wanted to go hiking with her, her roommates, and some other people from our ward. I was about to say yes! of course! without even thinking about it. Then, my brain said "wait, hold up!!" So I thought, and still said yes. I was a little nervous going into the hike this evening. My knee is still not in great shape, and was starting to hurt pretty bad, and I think my right leg decided to start having sympathy pains for my left knee, because it was hurting as well. Oh well I said, "let's go!" so off we went, the 7 of us. 9 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon, 1 mile to the parking lot, and 3/4 a mile up to Donut Falls. I drove up, so I of course was in a jeep. Man, I really want to go jeeping now after a little less than a mile on a bumpy, rocky, dirt road. Moab anyone? Anyways, I digress, the hike was beautiful, perfect temperature, perfect timing as there was no sun hitting us! (yay for not getting more burnt!) My knee faired pretty well, I was hurting pretty bad by the time we made it to the easy part of the hike (not that it's a hard hike). Then, came the random drop off where you have to be a skilled hiker to get down the rocks, I let everyone go ahead of me, watching to see what they did, then I let some people climb up the rocks. As Kylee went down she slipped, I was deathly afraid that would be me, if I slipped I knew my knee would give out. So I chose to sit on a rock, and slide down each and every rock, very efficient if I say so myself. The falls were gorgeous, and I am very glad that I decided to not only go on the hike, but to complete the hike. I am also glad that I made the choice because I was able to spend time with people in my ward whom I don't associate with enough. All in all it was grand. But, I think I'll be resting my knee for a while longer before I do another hike!

Slider and Slip

don't mind the hair, it was a bit humid...

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