Friday, September 28, 2012

A phone call

Today has been one amazing, eye opening day. I have seen so many miracles today that my heart is ready to burst with joy.

First for all those wondering, I took my math test and I feel like I did okay, considering how hard I struggled to get through the homework. This brings me to my first miracle. That darn math homework. I sat working at it for four hours. I was stressing out. The poor people who had to deal with me. I texted my friend and told him that school was going to kill me, and that it was tempting to drop out. (I was a tad bit dramatic.) My sweet friend told me not to drop out, not to think that, and that I could actually do my math. He texted me for a good portion of my freak out time and somehow got me to calm down enough that I could focus on my homework. He even had me send him a problem to see if he could help, and he looked up YouTube videos that I could use to help me. Needless to say, by 12:30 I had completed my homework, I wasn't stressed, and I was able to sleep well. Thank you friend for being you.

Miracle number 2 occurred at physical therapy. I have put this off for a month but I needed to go. So at 7:15 I walk into the dreaded office. Fill out the paper work. Wait for the therapist. I was freaked. He walked in, talked to me, explained things to me, and suddenly I wasn't so nervous anymore.  The staff was so incredibly nice and I was completely at ease.  When I was measured to see how far I could bend my knee my right knee was at 130-135, my left knee, 70.  So I have a lot of work to do, but I know I can do it.  I was able to bend quite a bit, a lot better than expected.  I also rode the bike for 8 minutes, which is a miracle in and of itself because the last time I rode a bike, I'm pretty sure I hurt my knee even worse.  I walked out of physical therapy with a better attitude and a positive out look.

The next miracle, the last one, is where the title of this blog post comes into play.  It is also the one that made me stop and look at how the Lord has had a hand in my life all day long.  I was on the bus going to school this afternoon, and I was dead asleep.  (5 hours of sleep apparently was not enough.) I randomly woke up when we were somewhere in Lehi, and not even two seconds later my phone started ringing.  I looked at it and saw that it was an out of state number, so I hesitated a moment before answering.  The voice on the other end said "Jana?" and I responded yes... The voice continued, "You don't know me, but I found a phone on the side of the road and you number was in it."  "There was a message saying I am sorry for your loss." At this point, I was thinking "What in the world?!?!" I don't know anyone in Montana..  Then, things started to click, and I went into panic mode.  The guy mentioned that he had found a last name in the phone, the last name was the same last name of one of my really good friends.   First click, my friend was just up in North Dakota and lost his phone somewhere along the way home.  Makes sense that my name was in the phone, we had just been texting before he lost his phone.  Then, the dread hits.  The guy informs me that he was on his way to a funeral in Montana for someone with the same last name as my friend.  He was wondering if maybe my friend was related to this person and he could find someone to get the phone back to him.  I thanked the man for calling me, and said I knew who the phone belonged to most likely, and he said I could call him back if my friend wanted the phone shipped to him.  As soon as I hung up I pulled up Deseret News to look at the obituaries, it was something I didn't want to do, because I already knew the answer to the thought in my head.  Awhile back my friend informed me that his dad had cancer and he had taken a leave of absence at work to help take care of him.  When I made all the connections as to whose phone it was, the text message the guy had seen, and everything else, I knew my answer wasn't going to be a good one.  Sure enough, I found the obituary for my friends dad.  He had indeed passed away, on Monday, due to the cancer.  I sat there, on the bus, in American Fork and cried.  I felt like a horrible friend for not knowing, but I felt grateful that the Lord allowed me (in the strangest of ways) to find out.  I immediately texted my friend (he'd gotten a new phone) to see how he was doing and if there was anything I could do.  Plus I informed him I had found his phone.  My mind still can't wrap itself around this miracle.  I would not have known about this had that man, in Montana, found my friends phone, picked it up, and called me and informed me of that text message.  Not only that, but how the phone got from North Dakota, to Montana, is beyond me.   The Lord works in mysterious ways, but those mysterious ways are always amazing.


  1. Holy Cow. That last part gave me chills! I feel so bad for him for losing his father. But I sure hope he's a member to become more comforted in the fact that we can see our loved ones again. Oh, and I'm super ridiculously happy that you did well on your math test. I've been wondering all day! hah.


    1. Amanda! You are so cute , thanks for wondering about my test! My friend is indeed a member so it is definitely a blessing, I still can't wrap my brain around it!