Sunday, October 7, 2012


Conference was amazing this time around, as it always is. I gained so much from the talks and my heart is full. Each year as I get older I feel like conference has a new meaning to me, I appreciate it more. This time was no exception. I had the absolutely wonderful opportunity to attend Saturday afternoon's session at the conference center. I haven't been present at the conference center for conference in a long time so I was super excited to go. I did set the metal detector off, thank my knee brace. The Spirit was so strong and I really just loved being there.
top left: [Alicia and I waiting in line] top right; [Alicia and I in the Conference Center] bottom:[my view]

Now, how did I get so lucky to get a ticket this year? Well let's move onto the next amazing thing. My YSA ward was asked to participate in a sidewalk choir. It is something they have been having YSA wards do for a while, we stand out front of Temple Square and sing as people come and go from conference. I was so excited to be able to participate. Let me tell ya, even though I missed the last half of today's afternoon session to go sing it was worth it. There was about 30 of us in the area I was at and we just sang out little hearts out. The spirit was AMAZING and it was so fun to have people walk past and smile and thank us for keeping the spirit in the area. I couldn't stop smiling as I sang. It is definitely something that I won't forget and earnestly hope I get another chance to do it again!

Listening to Conference on Temple Square
left side:[Salt Lake City Temple] top right: [my notebook] bottom right: [Tabernacle]

Sidewalk Singing
left: [Marc, Alicia, Me] top:[Hymn book] middle:[Salt Lake Temple] bottom:[Josh, someone's head, Marc, and Alicia]

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