Thursday, October 4, 2012


these blogger drafts are great.
I like knowing, that there is somewhere I can write things
that only I will see.
Written journals don't seem to be too private these days,
and heaven knows i'm not going to spill all my guts
to the whole world by posting everything
so for now...
my secretest secrets, will stay as drafts.


  1. Sometimes I want to type a draft. Then I'm too scared because of that publish button. Sometimes I wish when you push it, it said, "Are you sure you want this published permanently?"

  2. Bethany, I wish that too! But you know you can switch back to a draft if you accidentally publish it, right? At least I hope that actually works....

  3. Ya know...I completely agree with you here. Once, well, it's still up and I'm secretly hoping nobody in the world ever finds out about it...I made a blog that only I knew. It REALLY does help to get out.