Monday, February 25, 2013

take a {deep breath}

Yesterday I was sitting in sacrament meeting, and my friend leaned over to me and said something to me about how one of our friends has the tendency to over react quite a bit.  He then said "She just needs to take a deep breath" at which point, we both simultaneously took a deep breath in and let it go. I saw this picture on Pinterest today and was reminded of that experience.  We were getting a new bishopric in sacrament meeting when he told me this, and I also found out that our boundaries would be changing.  I was pretty nervous about that, but after that deep breath, even though it was done more as a joke, really calmed me down.  Sure, I still wasn't too excited about the changes, but I knew I'd be okay.  And you know what, I found out the boundary changes, and I am fine.  I may not be in the same ward as some friends, but I have some amazing friends in my ward still.  While I'm on the topic of these changes, I have to say that the phrase "You don't know what you've got until it's gone" is so so so true! I have occasionally struggled with my ward, thinking that I really didn't have friends, and it was always hard for me to go, so I'd go with friends to their ward.  But that all changed yesterday.  Maybe it was because we all felt unsure of where we would be, but I had so many people come up and talk to me, and I realized just how many friends I had made.  As I was leaving the meeting last night where we were informed of the changes I ran into some people who had been in the same ward as me but had just been transferred and you would have thought we had graduated high school.  It was a chorus of "I can't believe we're not in the same ward anymore" and "This is so sad!" When in reality just because we've changed wards, it doesn't mean that our friendships have to change.  I'm just sad I didn't realize the friendships I had before the change was made.

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  1. I honestly think one of the hardest changes I've had recently was a change in the bishopric and ward change! It sucks so bad when you get so close with the bishopric & your friends in the ward, and then it just splits. But seriously...those changes happen for a reason. So I had to press on, WITH FAITH, knowing that the big man upstairs knows what's better than me. I have to remind myself of that quote often.. Love you!