Saturday, March 16, 2013


there is a good chance i have already posted this video before
but i heard this song on the religious station on my way home this evening.
tonight was a night that i had been looking forward to
hanging out with a friend who i haven't seen for a while
plans changed slightly, and i ended up coming home two hours after i had left my house
i told myself i was okay with the change in plans
i tried
but after i was on my way home i realized i wasn't so pleased.
it's hard to have a friend make plans with someone else because you can't think of anything to do.
it's hard to have that friend mom suggest my friend call someone else to do something.
really, how can you not be affected just a little bit...
i got in the car and flipped through the radio stations,
at first wanting something that was full of bas and could be turned up really loud
then after listening to that for .5 seconds
i turned to the religious station 
and this song was playing, and i bawled.... 
listen to it,
it may just help solve some problems.

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