Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I find myself constantly amazed at something. You'd think after sometime I would stop being so amazed, but I don't. This thing that continually amazes me, is friendship. Many times the people who have been my closest friends are those that I never would have thought could even be my friend. I am amazed at the genuine kindness of the several people I come in contact with a few times and suddenly we are friends, and it is genuine. Where when you see each other somewhere you get excited to see them and start to plan things with them.  Really I am just amazed with the amount of kindness that there really is in this world. I think we get lost in focusing so much on the negative and the terrors in the world that we forget about those who still believe in kindness. Those who can help you go from feeling like you're alone in the world to feeling like you have an army standing behind you. 

So, be the one. Be the one who chooses to be kind. The one who lends a helping hand to a stranger. Walk around with a smile on your face, because that could e the only thing someone needs to make their day better. 

And to those who have been that one to me, thank you. Thank you for your genuine kindness, your love, and your friendship. I feel truly blessed this evening to have the people in my life that I do.


  1. Jana, I love this. Lately, I've been thinking of all the types of bad in this world. The grumpy people, the evil, the deceitful, and the dishonest. However,there really is so much good in this world. And it's all about perspective.