Sunday, April 13, 2014

Visiting Teaching

In the LDS church the women are a part of a wonderful organization called the Relief Society.  Just as the name suggests it is an organization set up to bring people together, to offer each other strength and love.  You begin attending Relief Society at the age of 18.  One of the biggest things the Relief Society does is Visiting Teaching.  You are given a companion and a list of women whom you visit at least once a month.  It may seem that it is just an assigned friend, and at times to some, it may seem that way.  I started attending Relief Society when I moved to Snow College, I never once saw a visiting teacher.  When I moved home and began attending the singles ward,  I was given two visiting teachers and received an assignment to do visiting teaching as well.  I loved my visiting teachers and it was nice to know that I had a friend in the ward, even if it was just someone to sit with at church.  Over the years I've had a de companions and I've visited with a number of wonderful women, but there'd haas been one companion that became my "instant best friend" as it's sometimes called.  

I won't lie, when I got the little slip of paper saying that Hilary was going to be my new companion I was a bit intimidated.  I didn't know Hilary all that well, and I wasn't really sure that we'd be able to really become friends.  At first I struggled with wanting to go on our monthly visits.  But soon, I looked forward to them.  I enjoyed spending time with Hilary and I loved getting to know the girls we taught a little better each month.  All too so on our companionships were changed but I still stayed friends with Hilary.  I began spending time with her and her roommates and they accepted me as a "fake" roommate.  

Yesterday, Hilary was married in the Idaho Falls temple.  I was thrilled that she invite me to come to Idaho to be there outside the temple and for the reception.  I am grateful for the visiting teaching program, it truly is a blessing in the lives of the women in the church.  I am grateful that I was able to find an "instant friend" through it.

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