Monday, September 1, 2014

Twenty Three

On the night of my twenty-third birthday I was told that 23 was going to be the best year of my life.  Eight months later, I'm struggling to see how this year could be so great.  Life is hard.  It can be so easy to look past all the good and great things in life and only see the negative.  I've been seeing A LOT of negative the past few days, so I'm changing that, right now.  Between now and my birthday in September I want to compile a list of 23 of the best things that happened this year.  I figure that is two things a month...which shouldn't be so hard, I will start the list now, writing sixteen things that have been great so far, and coming back each month to add to the list.  I'm hoping that by doing this I will see the reality of this being the best year of my life...or at least seeing the good in it...

1. Celebrating my birthday with two amazing and wonderful people who made sure I felt extra loved and extra special that day.
2. Fulfilling a life long dream by attending the Rockies vs. Red Sox game in Denver, Colorado.
3. Taking a positive psychology class, finding my inner strength and seeing my inner courage come out.
4. Volunteering for two days at The Festival of Trees.
5. Starting a book club with 8 of the greatest people I've had to honor to meet.
6. Realizing that sometimes our dreams change slightly, and being okay with that.
7. ^^^ Finding my love for teaching is greater in Preschool.
8.  Attending a live audience Studio-5 filming with Ashley!
9. Talks with my best friend.
10. Realizing that the love of family is amazing, and knowing that I have the greatest cousins makes life a bit better.
11. Making new friends in the singles ward.
12. ^^^ Said friends understand my humor and take my picture on crazy adventures in Moab.
13. Feeding the travel bug that lives in me, and leaving a piece of my heart in Arizona, at a café in Gilbert, with the hopes to return again.
14. Finding joy in a new hobby, maybe painting isn't so bad.
15. Sitting outside, on the lawn, enjoying the first taste of summer.
16. Spending time with my first ever friend (we have been friends since kindergarten), and learning so much from her. 
17.  An evening of sushi with friends who I hadn't seen in far too long.
18. Evenings in the park with great friends.
19. Getting a new job, that may fit my personality better than the photography job did!!
20.  When a quick trip turns in to a 3 hour visit with my cousin and being able to talk about everything with her.
21. A trip to St. George with the greatest friends for another friends wedding, and being able to see my family while down there.
22.  Becoming an aunt!!
And last, but not least
23.  Going to Hale Center Theater for my first time, with Becky, and learning that sometimes plays are fun "by yourself". 

I won't lie, life still doesn't feel super fantastic.  I still don't think I can say 23 was the best year of my life, but it is fun to look back and think "oh yeah, that was a good moment!"  Here's to year 24 and many more adventures!


  1. I hope said "cousins" involve me... Jk. But seriously ;) also, you forgot seeing studio 5 live!! Love you Jana! I hope the rest of your 23rd year of life is amazing!

    1. Um...OF COURSE those cousins include you!! Bah, I did forget studio 5, just on the list...I was trying to think of two things for each month and I think November was just too far away to remember exactly what I did. Don't worry, that was a highlight!!