Friday, August 22, 2008

...the last in a long line of firsts...

So for...13 years now I have always had a first day of grade school. That will come to an end on Monday. Monday is my first "official" day as a senior, and will bring a close to those semi-dreaded first days of school. At least for grade school. I think this has me more frightened then the actual fact that in a year from now, I'll be graduated and most likely starting school at some college in Utah. For me it just puts everything into a greater perspective. Because after Monday I won't be able to say "I have my first day of...insert grade here." I'll have to start saying "I have my first day of Fall Semester." or something like that. That's scary for me!! I was trying to think of what other things will be coming to an end like this..but I can't think of anymore at the moment.

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  1. Instead of thinking of all the things that will end, think of the great things to come. There is so much to life after high school, for me it was so much more fun and exciting to be done with grade schools. I never had any real friends in high school (we moved way to much for that) but after you get to meet so many new people, that will stay in your life for a long time.. Plus enjoy being young, it SUCKS to get old!!