Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long time :)

Wow it has been quite awhile since I wrote anything; good reasons for that too, school work and lack of interent use! So to finish off the last post, Julius Ceasar was okay, I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare so it was difficult for me to follow, plus the four hour bus ride killed me so I fell asleep during the first half, along with all my friends. :) The most ridiculous thing happen while we were in Cedar City; after the play was over the bus dropped us off on Main St. so that we could get some dinner before our 4 hour return back home. So since we had scopped out the restaurants when we got into town, my friends and I all decided that we wanted to go to Iceberg for dinner and a shake. BAD IDEA!! We stood in line for an hour waiting for our food, we were the first in line but the last to get our food, makes no sense right! The bad thing of it was that we only had 40 minutes for dinner so the buses had to wait for us, so we ended up eating our food on the bus, it's a difficult task to conquer. The next big event that happened is my sister got married on November 7th. Quite a fun day! She got married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple at 10 in the morning so I sat in the waiting room with my cousins until they were finished. After the ceremony and the pictures I went to my aunts house with my cousin Tara and hung out there then went to the wedding luncheon. That was fun, well as fun as a wedding luncheon can get! Afterwards me and my cousin Tara went to get the brownies for the wedding reception, when we got to the bakery and saw the boxes of brownies we were blown away, their counter was full of boxes just for us! Then came the wedding reception! I got the very fun job of sitting at the guest book table! Who knew it could be so much fun. My cousin Cassi came and joined me part way through the evening and we had a BLAST! It was so much fun to have someone to talk to, then my friends Whitney and Nick came and brought me food to eat and hugn out with us. All in all it was a very fun filled night! I've lived a rather boring life since then, there's a thing called school getting in the way of my life!
Here are some pictures that I promised:

Me at Memory Grove
Who knew I had such green eyes...
Lilly and her brothers Daniel, and Jackson
Lilly and myself

One of my favorites

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  1. The Wedding was fun, and the brownies, were so yummy..Even if Grandpa wouldnt let me get seconds.. I love your pictures by the way, very pretty you look..