Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Snow go away....

I do not like the snow, not one bit! It's the truth I despise it with a passion! A DEEP DEEP DEEP passion. Why I live in Utah...I'm not sure, but all this snow that we are getting is not making me very happy. People ask why I hate the snow so much, well let me tell ya why. Number 1...its so slippery! Unbelievably slippery, and then when you walk in it (you're lucky if you don't fall) your shoes are always wet so it makes walking on tile floor (the flooring at the school) that much more slippery. Number 2...I hate shoveling it. Yes I do shovel our driveway, sidewalk, my neighbors driveway and sidewalk, but it really isn't the funnest past time. Ya know what I mean. Number 3...with snow you're always gonna have the freezing cold temperatures! I could live without those!! Number always interferes with my plans! I was planning to go downtown to see the lights at Temple Square (hoping to get in the Spirit of the Season) haha no because of the snow, my friends canceled it. Well I'm sure there are plenty more reasons as to why I despise snow but I'm not going to bore you with them all. But on a lighter note...there is one or two things that I like about snow... Number 1...I don't think it would be Christmas if it weren't a white Christmas. and Number 2...The world always looks so pure and clean after it snows...makes me think of

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