Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ah...the joys of singing...

For those of you who have not heard, or I just have not told (don't feel bad, I haven't told many people) back in...November, I was asked to sing in a choir of about 150-200 youth. We will be singing at the Cornerstone Dedication of the Draper Temple. I was so thrilled that I was the one picked from my ward to sing. But I never knew it would turn out to be such an incredible experience. Now I usually sing Soprano, because I have a hard time not singing the melody. So I signed up to sing Soprano...boy was I wrong when I made that decision. One of the Hymns that we are going to be singing is "Now Let Us Rejoice" but the director has changed it up a bit. For the third verse we are singing it out of "The Choirbook" and it is written half a step higher than what it is in the Hymnbook, plus their is a Soprano Descant, making the Soprano part SO much higher. The very last note of the song that we are supposed to hit is a... HIGH B...yeah I come nowhere close to hitting it, so I try to hit a high G...still wasn't happening so I just decided that I would mouth the end word, because I wasn't going to move Alto, there was just no way. HAHA I laugh at myself, today -with only 4 weeks of rehearsal left- I decide to change and sing Alto, hahaha what an experience!!! I was completely lost without my melody...but it is much easier to sing than trying to hit the high note!! Anyways, this has been a wonderful expoerience to participate with so many wonderful people and to feel the spirit so strongly! I only wish that I could have a recording of us singing, because -not to brag or anything- we sound AMAZING!

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