Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What am I getting myself into?

Really I am not sure what I've done. I know with all my heart that I want to be a kindergarten teacher, but what in the world am I thinking?!?!?! I went and spent an entire day with the kindergarten class again today. It's fun I'm not gonna lie, I can't really imagine a better way to spend your day. (Much better than high school!!!) But here's the thing, it's also very heart-wrenching. I wanted to just sit on the floor and bawl my head off at one point during the day. It just breaks my heart when I am helping a little child with a project -especially something with the alphabet- and when I ask them what the letter is they look at you with a complete lost look in their eyes, and they finally have to look you in the eye and say I don't know...but I know it's in my name. I can't get over how sad it is...I'm crying as I type this. I mean I've only spent like...4 days with the kids and I'm already crying over them. How am I supposed to actually teach a class and not fall apart everyday!?!?!? Everyone tells me that I would make a great teacher...but I'm not so sure. I'm scared that I will get to emotionally involved and it will get in the way of teaching. I don't know...but I just wish there was a way that I could help now...instead of waiting however many years it'll take to get my degree. ... that's my rant for the day...

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  1. That right there tells me that you would be a great teacher. My sister teaches first grade. This is her first year. Mandy and Sam is the link on my blog under my family. She posts a few stories about her students. She loves it! It is definitely heart wrenching, but also hilarious and very fulfilling. You'll be great!