Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ah!! I'm so totally going to Snow for school!! I'm serious on this one too! I just got back from spending the weekend down there for 'Snow Blast' and I had a BLAST! I wasn't too sure about going down at first...I mean who wants to spend the night with complete strangers? But I went, and I love love loved it! So here is a laydown of what I did over the weekend. So my parents and I arrived in Ephraim at about...1:00 or so. And they (my parents) checked into their hotel, and we hung out their for a little bit. After we had been their a short time I received a text from my friend Ken saying that he was out of class and we could meet up somewhere so he could show me around. He ended up coming to get me and we went to his apartment complexes where his friend Sara showed me her apartment. I thought they were pretty nice, older but nice none the less. We left her apartment and headed for campus, Ken's friend Mandi joined him on showing me around campus. It was a lot of fun, and the campus is tiny, just perfect really! After we had finished walking around campus it was time for me to go sign in for the blast (I was scared!!) So Ken and Mandi walked me to the GSC and waited until I got all signed in and then they left. While we were waiting for everyone to get signed in we play different games (it felt like girls camp..) At 4:00 they handed out t-shirts and we went to the Eccles Center for a performance by the orchestra and dance team. After that was finished we got our leader assignments and went on a tour of the campus (that was exciting for the 2nd time in 2 hours!) When we finished we went to my leader's (Laura Christopherson) apartment and put our stuff away then we headed down to Main Street to have Roy's Pizza, delicious! After dinner we went back to Laura's apartment to get ready for the basketball game. We went to the Rowdy Crowd for like..10 minutes because Laura was in charge of it and then we left to go see the school's production of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown". It was SO good!! When the play was finished we found Laura and walked back to her apartment and decided to go to the clubhouse and play some games. That was a lot of fun, we went back to her apartment at about...11:30 and got ready for bed. We put 27 Dresses in to watch while we fell asleep, I don't think I fell asleep until like 1:30, and even then I didn't sleep well, basically because their wasn't much room...four girls sleeping on one flour..kinda squishy. This morning we woke up at 7:30 and got ready for the day then we headed over to the clubhouse for some breakfast! When we were finished with dinner we walked back to Laura's apartment to kill time until we had to be back to campus. We left for campus at 7:20. When we got to the GSC we put our stuff down then went into a room where they had us fill out a paper to win a new iPod Nano. While we filled out the papers we played a game of Jeopardy about all things Ephraim/Snow. Then they had the drawings, Park Place Apartments (that's where I stayed) passed out an iPod Shuffle, and 3 different gift cards. Then came the grand finale. The i-Pod Nano. They drew a name and had us all stand up. They were going to eliminate people. First they told those people who lived south of Provo to sit down, I was still standing. Next they told those people whose birthday were between January and July to sit down, I was still standing. Then they told those people who didn't go to Jordan High School to sit down, I was still standing!! It was neck and and this girl Courtney. The read the name...Janalyn Christensen. Yes that is right I won the iPod Nano! Now I have two new iPod''s orange the other is black. It's the first thing I've ever won! how exciting, pay $25 to go spend the night in Ephraim and come home with a new iPod!!! That was my weekend. I really love the campus. It's so small and definitely NOT overwhelming. The city is small yes, but so much fun too! My mom jokes with me that I have to follow after my name-sakes because the two cousins I was named after both went to Snow. I said it's in my blood and am just returning to my roots-my dad's family lived in Ephraim. There was just something about the atmosphere down there that made me so comfortable. Everyone was so cheerful and nice to one another. I'm going to sound really pathetic but I already miss it! I told my dad I wanted to go back...haha. Well I just might be going month on the 27th, me and my friend Sarah want to go down! I'm so excited!!

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  1. I'm so glad you liked it! You will love it there. It really is a good school. And even though it's such a small town, you will find plenty to do! And Roy's Pizza! Mmmm!