Saturday, February 7, 2009


The scarves that I so enjoy making!!

two color's interweaved together

Solid color

Another one with two colors interweaved (sorry it's dark :])

These are probably the funnest things that I know how to make!! Sorry I didn't have one of the scarves that change color (i.e. pink-white-pink-white) Nicki! Just let me know what style you like best and I will make you one!


  1. A blog just for me! I love it! And those scarves are freaking cute! I love that green one, but I don't have much green. I have a lot of black. Maybe a gray one? even mixed would be fun! Thanks. I'm so excited.

  2. Nicki, sounds good!! I was acutally thinking of doing one that would go with black for you! I have some cream yarn left over from the red and cream one that I did, if I have enough I may use that and I can go look for some grey yarn! I'll let ya know when I have it done!