Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank You...

to UBSCT week!! So this week is probably the best week of the year to Juniors and Seniors, seeing as they do not have to go to school until 10, because the Sophomores are taking the UBSCT (Utah Basic Skills Competency Test) Tests. I have loved the past two days, and am very sad that this luxury will end tomorrow. On Tuesday I decided I would go spend some time volunteering at my mom's work (Sandy Elementary) in the Kindergarten class. It was not as fun as it was the day of the bomb threat, but I am returning to that wonderful little class tomorrow morning so hopefully it'll be fun! Today however, I went to iHop with some friends. Who knew breakfast could be so much fun. But I guess anything can be fun when you're in good company, right? We got to iHop at around 8...and we sat and waited for the others to join us. (At breakfast there was me, Arielle, Becky, Whitney P., Nick, and Matt) After we got seated and ordered our food we just sat and talked then our food arrived so we ate and talked. :] When everyone was finished Whitney asked "How much Orange Juice do you think you can fit in your mouth at once" so that led to a contest between her and Arielle. They both started out with the same amount of OJ and had to attempt to hold as much as they possibly could in their mouths, unfortunately I don't think we had a winner. They ended up laughing so hard they didn't get much in their mouths, Whitney ended up swallowing hers...and Arielle..well Arielle's ended up back in the cup. (Not a pretty sight) It made for some great laughs! After we finished our friendly contest we left the restaurant and went to school (way early) and we sat in the hallway talking and sharing our breakfast stories with others. What a great way to start your day, I wish every day started that way. I was invited to go to Johanna's for breakfast tomorrow with some other friends, but I kindly rejected that offer, because I wanted to go spend some time in Kindergarten. I'm trying to get the feel for it, seeing as that is what I think I want to go into in College. (Yes, it's true...I think I've decided on a major..where as the schooling...I have no clue, but I'm really leaning towards UVU know..strange I know! What can I say, I am STRANGE!) :]
Just a quick picture from breakfast-
Arielle, Whitney, and Becky

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