Monday, April 20, 2009

I just love spending money...

Or so it would seem in the past few days :) I know I should be saving my money, but I am having a hard time doing that. See I had to buy the shirts and some supplies to make my Hannah Montana shirts on Friday, so that was like..$10 and then I had to buy two Jamba Juices, another $10. So I thought I would save the rest of what little money I had left.. haha not so. Today my friend came over and brought some jewlery that she is starting to make, and I am a big fan of her style so when I saw her necklaces I had to buy some! So I bought 2 necklaces, and my kind mom bought me 1 and a bracelet. Now in all fairness it was a good deal! I was able to get all 4 things for.. $11. Can you say STEAL! (no I didn't steal them!) BUt I thought what better time to buy jewlery right :) So if anyone has any idea's at all as to how to make money to safe (for real!) I'd love to hear them!

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