Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was a blast!! And I was loving the beautiful weather, gotta lie I love Utah weather when it's not snowing! On Friday my friend Becky got her wisdom teeth out so me, Whitney, and Kelly decided to cheer her up some! Me and Whitney went and got Jamba Juices, I would suggest seeing if you could get a drink carrier when you only have 2 people in the car, with 4 jamba juices, and only 2 working drink holders. We put on of the drinks in the back drink holder..I don't know if it was my "crazy" driving, or if the lid wasn't on very well, or what happened but it ended up falling over and spilled like half of it on the floor of the backseat. So Whitney -being her brilliant self- scooped up the Jamba Juice in her hands and through it out the car window! We finally made it to Becky's house, Whitney covered in Jamba Juice and the both of us freezing because we had the window down the whole way there. Once at Becky's we sipped our Jamba Juices, then we went downstairs and painted Hannah Montana T-shirts! They're WAY cute, I have a picture...but it's on my phone and I don't want to get it off :) While we painted we watched the Barbie Rapunzle movie, afterwards we watched an episode of Dr. Who (strange show!) It was so much fun, doing things that Senior's normally wouldn't do. (Oh it was Seminary Prom on Friday, so once again we made our own fun for Prom...even though it was girls choice haha)
Then on Saturday..woah Saturday was lots of fun. It was finally good weather so me and my cousin Cassilynn along with her 2 cute kiddo's decided to take my senior pictures. We took some at a Baptist Church that is across the street from East High School, it was pretty entertaing because we started off looking for what she thought was and LDS church where she had her Bridal's done but we couldn't find it, so we went there instead. Afterwards we decided to head down to Temple Square and see what we could find. It turned into a pretty educational trip...we learned where the Republican Party of Utah building is, drove past the State Capital, and we walked around the SLC Temple Visitor's Center. We ended up parking on the top of a HUGE hill and walking down to City Creek Park, where we took some pretty awesome pictures, then we went to Temple Square. We were kinda bummed because half of it was barracaded of due to construction, but we got some "nice" pictures by a waterfountain and some greenry. I say "nice" because the wind was blowing so bad my hair went crazy. Then we took some by the Joseph Smith Memorial building, and yet again at another waterfall. We would have liked to take some at the waterfountain in front of the Church Office Building, but they didn't have the geysers going so it would've been boring. Then we walked back up to her car and as we were coming down the hill we noticed that they had turned the geysers on, can you say rip-off! Oh well, we ended up going to Wheeler Farm and getting some AWESOME pictures! I think they were my favorite... Especially the ones by the tractor! :) or on the porch of the FFA building ha. But it was lots of fun to walk around with the kiddo's and see all the animals, I hadn't been there in FOREVER so it was kind of like a walk down memory lane. Thanks for the pictures Cassi and for letting me hang with your kiddo's!!

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  1. Yes that was alot of fun, and my kids were going crazy running around everywhere..