Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break 2009 (warning this is very long, it's more for me but if you want to read it go ahead!)

So what do I do for Spring Break? Well usually I'm one of the cool cats that ventures south to St. George and deals with the mass of teenagers and take long leisurely drives down the Blvd. Okay it's nowhere near leisurely, but if you've ever been to St. George for Spring Break you will understand when I say long, I mean long!! This year however I was unable to make the trip, so I stayed home. But no no no, I did not sit home and be bored, that was NOT an option for me this year. I had plans every day of Spring Break. So here goes!! On Thursday I had planned to have my wonderful cousin Cassilynn take my senior pictures, and then I was going to have a picnic with her and her adorable children Kaitlyn and Ashton. After the picnic I was going to ride down to Provo with her and have her drop me off at BYU so I could meet up with my friend that was in town from Pennsylvania. BUT my body had other plans for me. I was sick on Thursday so I stayed home with my mom. We went to the Doctor that morning, then we went to Hollywood Video and rented Sydney White and the Seven Dorks, Chocolat, and Twilight. When we left we decided to call my aunt and go to lunch, then go shopping for some rugs for my grandpa. After an afternoon of shopping I came home and fell asleep while watching Sydney White. Later that night...at like 9:15 my friend Jaci called me and asked if I wanted to come hang out with her and Liz (our friend from Elementary who now lives in PA). So I ventured out of the house and went to Jaci's and played Rock Band. (Yes Kristin I'm completely ready for our band now!) Then I came home and snoozed!!! Friday was by far an adventure filled day. Jaci, Liz, Savvy, and myself ventured down to SLC for the day. I forgot how amazing Temple Square looks during the Spring time, it's amazing!! For future notice to everyone, don't talk to strangers at the TRAX, even if they approach you first. While we were at the Sandy stop waiting for the train 2 guys approached us and Jaci and Liz struck up a conversation with them, me and Savvy didn't like that so when a southbound train came along we told them that was our train! So we spent a few good quality hours on Temple Square, walking around, taking pictures, and walking through the visitor's center. Then we went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to go to the 10th floor to see the view! After we were finished with the church sites we walked down to the Gateway where we had lunch at the food court and did a little window shopping. Then we caught TRAX and headed home. We went to Jaci's house and played some more Rock Band. After a little bit Paul, Kyle, and Katie joined us for a rock out session. When we got tired of that we decided to go to Katie's house to watch Twilight and have pizza. (I think we chose Katie's house because she has a theater room :]) I must say I laughed my head off during Twilight..it would be hard to explain but I found it very amusing. Finally I was able to snooze! Saturday Jaci, Liz, and myself went to Forever 21 and spent an hour walking through there, then we headed over to Nordstrom Rack to see if they had anything good. (No we didn't buy anything at either store) After shopping we went and got Jamba Juice then had Noodles and Company for lunch. At that point we came back to my house and showed Liz our middle school and high school yearbooks so she could see everyone from Elementary school. Then Jaci and Liz hit up the REAL game and I stayed home and napped :) After the REAL game they came and got me and we went back to Jaci's and watched "Bed Time Stories". Sunday was Easter so I chilled at home. I went to church and had an amazing lesson and had a great time there, although I started to not feel so good which bummed me out for the rest of the day. So I'm always sick, why would I be bummed. Here's why one of my best friends leaves for his mission tomorrow and his farewell was on Sunday, so I missed going to that and sayin' goodbye in person. That night my grandpa came over for Lasagna and then my sister and her husband came over and they chatted while I read my new book that the easter bunny brought me :) Monday was quite the day. It was our final day with Liz so Jaci's mom treated us all to pedicure's and manicure's, but when we got to California Nails, I started to feel quilty because she had paid for practically everything the whole weekend so I kindly declined any spa treatments. Then we ran to Payless to get Liz some flip-flops. Liz wanted to some final goodbyes so we dropped her off at her designated location and we headed out to get Savvy. Once we got Savvy we went to Paradise Bakery and enjoyed a delicious lunch. After lunch we went and got Liz then went to Jaci's so Liz could pack up. The time came that we had to head out to the airport, so we made it fun while we could, making movies (they most likely will not be posted :])! We got to the airport and me and Jaci took Liz up to security while Savvy drove around in a circle. When we got back from the airport we picked Kaitlyn up at her house and went to Sonic for a treat then we took Savvy home. After that we went to Sandy Elementary to play on their playground, then we went to Kaitlyn's house where she did some work for her dad and I worked on homework since it was the only time I could fit my homework in all weekend, and I had major projects due today :) So that was my Spring Break, it was fun, but very long... :) I will post some pictures in a different post.

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  1. That sounds like fun, even though I still wish that you hadn't gotten sick.. The picnic would have been so much fun..