Saturday, March 28, 2009

...Prom 2009...

Don't get all excited like I'm sure you did when you the title. This Prom was unlike any prom around. Why you ask..well 1) I didn't actually get asked to prom 2) this prom was located in my friends living room. So this is probably going to register in your mind(s) as a pity party seeing as it was 5 girls, who didn't get asked to prom, sitting on someone's couch, watching movies, and eating goodies. Well in our minds it wasn't really a pity party. It WAS prom haha. We even had dates! I have to admit they were probably the cutest dates around town!! This is how the evening started. Me and my date had to go pick up my friends Becky and Kelly, and their dates. So as we were leaving my date realized he couldn't find his jacket, so we had to find that. Then he couldn't find his keys. PHEW we found his keys. So we go and get in the car...problem he couldn't see over the dashboard...problem fixed with phonebooks. New problem...he couldn't reach the pedals, and we were NOT going to rig up something to solve that problem so I just drove. (WOW) So we get Becky and her date (after I got lost because I forgot what street she lived on..) and then we picked Kelly and her date up. We finally got to Arielle's house at 8:40ish, only 40 minutes late, good thing Arielle and Whitney are forgiving about our tardiness! After we explained why we were so late Arielle's mom told me I shouldn't go out with my date again :) We ate some popcorn then decided it was time for our movie. We had declared it a Zac Efron night so we had four movies to choose from HSM 1,2, and 3, or Hairspray. We went for Hairspray. So we gathered on the couches and enjoyed muffin tops, licorice, and baby goldfish while watching the movie. At the end of the movie Rikki came over and joined our Prom. When Hairspray ended we decided to put HSM 3 in since not everyone had seen it, unfortunately curfew came too soon and we had to leave after they sang the second song. So now I'm guessing you're all wondering who my date was..well meet my date..the cutest blonde guy you'll ever lay eyes on!!
Yes it is true, me and my friends went to "Prom" with our Teddy Bears!! Did I not say this was the greatest prom around!!!

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