Sunday, May 24, 2009

And the real countdown begins...

8 days, 8 days until I'm done! I am getting very excited to graduate but at the same time I am very scared about it. I don't think it has fully hit me that there is 8 days until high school is over for good, it just seems so surreal. Well my schedule for the next week is pretty hectic. Thankfully there is no school on Monday, unfortunately, I'll be cleaning :). Tuesday I will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off passing out my announcements, I'm too cheap to mail them, so I will hand deliver most of them. Wednesday I have a dress rehearsal for the Temple Celebration which will be from 3:30-10:00, well I'll be gone that long. Thursday is my free day! Friday, I have the temple celebration, as well I believe I'm having a picnic instead of going to 3rd period.. Saturday evening there is the Senior Dinner Dance, if I decide to go. Sunday I have a mission farewell to attend, and then Seminary graduation. In between all that it would be nice to spend some time with friends. Speaking of which..Saturday was an amazing day! Savannah, Jaci, Paul, Kyle, and myself had a picnic at Wheeler Farm. It was pretty spectacular! After the picnic we walked around Wheeler Farm and just enjoyed the nice day. We were just hanging out by this tree and Kyle walks around the corner, and comes back with a shopping cart.. oh my. So long story short, after much begging and pleading (everyone was telling him no) Kyle got to keep the shopping cart, we figured it was semi-legal seeing as a Wheeler Farm employee told him he could have it. After Wheeler Farm we went to Paul's house and watched Music and Lyrics, then Jaci and myself took Savannah home to her mom's house and we ended up just chilling there for a while. When we (Jaci and I) left we went to some neighborhood parks and then to iHop for dinner. It really was a fun day!

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