Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Memorial Day, not to be forgotten..

So I mixed things up a bit this memorial day, and instead of going to Idaho with the family I hung out with my friends, and cleaned the house. After cleaning for what seemed like an eternity I went and picked Jaci up and we headed out to Savannah's mom's house to surprise Savannah. Surprise her we did, we just walked into her house and up to her bedroom and knocked on her door (no worries we said hi to her mom first). Once she got over the initial shock we went to Michael's to get some supplies so Jaci could finish her interior design final project (remember my living room...yeah thats what her project was) After the craft store we got some lunch and then headed back to Savannah's moms. We hunkered down in Sav's room and got to work painting and gluing, painting and gluing. Then Paul came over and helped us paint and glue some more. We finally finished Jaci's room (a nursery that turned out adorable!) *I did the decor/furniture, Savannah did the border on the walls, and Paul did the drapes. Jaci gets the grade :)* After our "homework fiesta" was complete we headed out. We were going to go to Joanne's to get some fabric for the crib..they were closed. Jaci decided she was STARVING so we go to Gandolfo's...they were closed. So we decide to just go home. Well I had to get some gas in the car, so we stop at the gas station on 11000th and State, you know the one with Iceberg...they were closed *WHAT GAS STATION CLOSES ON MEMORIAL DAY!!* So we gave up and decided to take Savannah home to her dads, well I thought hey there's a gas station right there, so we go to the gas station and jaci runs to get a snow cone. Well..me and Savannah were walking into the gas station to pre pay and we almost die!! There was a guy who was pulling out of a parking spot (reversing) we starts out going slow.."Okay he sees us" then suddenly accelerates incredibly fast "never mind he doesn't see us" so we run out of the way and Savannah yells at him. Finally we all got home, safe and sound! Thankfully! :)

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