Monday, June 15, 2009

Just a bit

of summer time blues. I don't know, maybe its the weather we've had in Utah for the past week, or maybe it's finally sinking in that I have graduated, or the fact that I feel like all my friends are gone or too busy anymore. But I sure have hit a slump. I mean sure, I've got my job that keeps me busy and is fun. But it's not the same. At times I wish I could've had the opportunity to do something amazingly fun right after graduation, and then again I don't. This past Wednesday Kaytlin moved down to Cedar City for school, I didn't think I would take it so hard, having to see her leave. But I am beginning to realize how different it is. Today after work I went to Savannah's house and we were just sitting there talking about how weird things are, because a lot of the friends that we hung out with outside of school are gone now. Like I said Kaytlin's down in Cedar, and Kyle and Paul are off working at the Boy Scout Camp at Bear Lake. So it's just Savannah, Jaci, and me. Our small group got even smaller, very quick. It seems weird that everyone is leaving, but it is even more weird to think that I will be leaving in 60 days. Right now, I wish more then anything I could take a trip to California- or somewhere. I think I need some time where I'm away from Utah and to be able to grasp everything that is changing. Oh well, that won't happen, maybe all these blues will go away tomorrow at my visit to the Aquarium...

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