Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Blues...

Are gone!!! The sun finally came out today, YAY! I took the girls I nanny to the Murray Pool, because it's an outdoor pool and they'd never been there before. Jaci tagged along with us and we sat outside and got a good dose of some Vitamin D (long over due!) I got so much that my arms are sunburnt, and I have this funky burn lookin' thing on my foot. It's either a burn or just shows how much I'm allergic to grass. It was great fun. To help with the summer blues going away, my bestestestest friend from 5th grade, Charlee, moved back to Utah over the weekend to begin summer classes down at the Y. I haven't seen her since 7th grade where she suddenly moved, and we didn't ever get to say goodbye. We are hoping to have a reunion this coming weekend. She will most likely come spend the entire weekend at my house so we will have a lot of time to get to know each other again. This is a reunion that is long in the making. If it happens I will be the happiest girl around!! Rain couldn't even get me down this weekend. PLUS...I get to go to the zoo on Thursday! I have been DYING to go so badly, we're finally going to go, even if it isn't the best of weather! BRING ON SUMMER!

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