Friday, July 3, 2009

Dream Come True!!!!

My lifelong dream came true today (July 3, 2009) I know you're all wondering it has nothing to do with Kevin Jonas. Oh no, this is bigger then that. This morning I was listening to KBULL 93 (my favorite) and I thought they said to call in to win Kenny Chesney tickets, so I dove for my phone (I want to go to his concert SO bad) and started to call. It was busy, busy, busy. Then it started to ring. My heart was pounding, I was thrilled. The guy answers, says "Who's this" I say "Jana" He says where are you from?" I say "Sandy" He says "Congratulations you've won...(You're thinking Kenny tickets huh, so was I) 4 tickets to the Day's of 47 Rodeo!" I was so happy, I've always wanted to go but could never afford the ticket. So I get to go this year, plus I won a free Alan Jackson CD and I am entered into the drawing to go to Alambama for the biggest lake party, with Alan Jackson. Pretty cool, I think so :)

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