Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And the goodbyes begin...

I was expecting tonight to be a hard night. Full of tears, talking about past memories, more tears, and lots of hugs. Not so much, quite the opposite. Tonight was full of laughter (crying because of laughing so hard) and doing things that we did when we were immature 3rds graders but now in a grown up manner. I didn't come home crying, I came home with lots of memories flooding my mind, and of course I came home smellin' like my second home (love that!) Now to explain: You see back in 1999 (that seems like a lifetime ago) I was living in Midvale, in this tiny little duplex that had ducks in the backyard. I was the new kid on the block, and in the ward. Every Sunday I would go to church and sit down in primary, then this cocky little blonde haired girl would ALWAYS come sit down by me. I thought honestly could ya leave me alone I can't STAND you!!! I thought this girl was the biggest snot in the world, so I would always move, occasionally she would follow. Sooner or later she got the idea. (Thank goodness!!!) Then one day I saw her rollarblade past my house with her little sister. I was outside and when I saw her go past I think I darted for my backyard until she passed (I actually think she fell and I snickered to myself) [side note; I'm realizing how rude I was back then...] Then as I was playing in my front yard (I do believe I had a stuffed alien..) her little sister came over and struck up a conversation and we talked and talked; then this girl came over and I decided maybe I could give her a chance. Fast forward 10 years, this girl now has a name Breanne Noel (her sister is Brooklynne aka Brookie) We're the best of friends! We got busy as the high school years drew upon us, and we rarely saw each other. She got busy with ballroom dance, and I got busy with...well... nothing :) But we still managed to keep that friendship alive. We have traditions...boy do we have traditions. I remember going to movies constantly, seemed like every other weekend we'd be at a movie. To be cool one of us would buy the tickets, the other would buy the popcorn and drinks. We did that to try and make the payment fair..yeah I'm not so sure that it was always fair.. And then there was the days of Easy Bake Oven...well that could take awhile for me to describe so you can imagine it:) Tonight I had to say goodbye to both of these girls. But it didn't really seem like goodybe, it just seemed like a normal night sayin' see ya later. Of course I think deep down I'm feelin' a little blue, but not really. We've come this far, we can't stop now right... We're going to bring truth to the popular saying "Best Friends Forever!" I love you Breanne! And Brookie...I love you..only as a friend :)

 Yes we are that cool, we have matching shirts.

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  1. jana i love you so much! thanks for giving my a chance haha ;) you are so amazing!! thanks for all the laughs and tears <3 i cant wait to have more with you!!! xoxoxoxo