Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's the simple things in life

So I thought I would share this adorable picture that I received from one the sweetest girls ever. While we were at Girls Camp last month our tent (me, Jamie, Kallie, and Madeleine) discovered that the zipper on our tent door did not work. It would zip across the bottom but the middle zipper was completely broken, and no one could fix it. So we weren't sure what to do...the younger girls tent zipper was also broken, they were able to hang a sheet up to keep the nasty bugs out, but we weren't so fortunate. So that night as we went to bed me and Madeleine improvised; two black garbage bags, lots of duct tape; and a few safety pins. Well our door worked for a little bit; keeping the bugs out but not so much the cold, but then we had to go use the bathroom...we didn't want to ruin our door but we decided that ruining was the best idea. So down went our door...we got back to the tent and we couldn't get the door to stick any longer, so we grabbed Kallie's overnighter bag and propped it up against the "door". So here is the lovely picture Madeleine sent me today;

In case you can't tell; there is me and Madeleine standing next to a tent that has a door :)

It really is something as small as having a door on a tent that means a lot...we had so many bugs in our tent from a day of not having a door, and it was cold because the wind could blow right through our make shift door. So next time you head to go camping, make sure your door works properly :)

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