Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkins and Paint

Tis the season to.. carve pumpkins, and when you live in a small town like Ephraim, have paint fights! On Monday for FHE our "family" joined with another "family" and had a pumpkin carving contest. It was only Whitney, Courtney, and myself that went to FHE because the other 3 weren't home so we went and had ourselves a SUPER HAPPY time!!!

We may have sort of "borrowed" Tanner and Kyler's Pumpkin...

Now onto the big event, the paint fight! Courtney, Whitney, and myself decided that we wanted to do something super exciting tonight, and painting was our idea. However we wern't going to just do normal painting, we wanted to splatter paint. So we went to walmart, bought a tarp, some brushes, some poster board, and of cours paint! We set up the tarp outside of our apartment and put the poster board down and went at it. Of course once we had our posters painted we had to paint each other!! We were covered in bright paint colors, from head to toe (really, I had paint in my hair and paint all over my toes!) Surprisingly we didn't get too many strange looks from people walking past. We were actually commented on our fun! (sorry about the order of the pictures I'm too tired to fix it.)

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