Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh what a day...

So this today started out fairly early; 6:30 to be exact. My dear friend Savannah had to go up to the University of Utah to talk to an adviser and pick up her text books for the upcoming semester, she didn't want to go alone so me and Jaci agreed (at 12:00 last night) to go with her. So I woke up at 6:30 a.m. and got ready so that I could leave my house by 7:25. Jaci and I got to Savannah's at 7:45 and we were at the Trax station by 8:00. We got on the train and headed up to the "U" where we proceeded to the Advisory office where we waited for a few minutes, after Savannah had finished speaking with her adviser we headed to the campus bookstore; in the snow none the less. It was a SLIPPERY walk up the hill...I was not too happy. We got all of Savannah's books then headed back down to the Trax so that we could get on the right train. Yet again it was a slippery walk, for me at least. So on Trax we hopped, and rode in peace until about 3900 south. At this point we were told that the Trax train would not be going any further and we would need to get off and get on a bus which would take us to the 5300 south stop where we could proceed on a train to our destinations. Let me just say; this was my first experience on a city bus, and it will most likely be my only one. I'm not a major germophobe, except for in certain places (i.e. buffets, public bathrooms, dr.'s offices, ect.) Well I can now add Public Buses to my list, I can handle the trax train, but just barely. The bus was absolutely disgusting. I got off the bus and I felt so absolutely dirty, I wanted a shower SO bad. We got on the train at the stop and came back to Sandy. I dropped Jaci and Savannah off at Savannah's house and then I went down to Barnes and Noble to meet one of my best friends from middle school for Hot Chocolate. It was so good to see McKell again after many months, we sat and talked for an hour and half about school, and roommates. It was a great day, and luckily I was safe in all my driving in this insane weather.

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